Technical and Backstage Details

Control room – Congo 4 Lighting Desk Dimmers LCD 90’s x 3 = 72 Channels.Sound desk- QU - 24 Digital desk

Internet connection – BT Broadband

Stage – Width 9.85m (32′.5″) depth 6.55m (21′.6″)Track height for backcloths 4.1m (13’6″)

Main Hall – Width 12.9m x Length 13.4m
Under balcony + Bar- Width 12.9m x Length 5.4m

Sound – Four microphone floor jacks, three overhead hanging microphones, facilities for radio /hand-held microphones and taped/CD broadcast. Loudspeakers each side of stage in auditorium and Balcony and fold back speakers in both wings. Call System and show relay to dressing rooms. SR patch panel for Microphones and assortment of wired Microphones.

Curtains – Front, blacks & cyclorama. Projection Screen

Wing areas – Stage right & left.

Backstage – Scenery storage area & docking area with large door rear access for stages sets etc. Large Talescope and extending ladders. Stairway to under-stage storage area. Backdoor access for cast etc.

2 Large Dressing Rooms – One on the ground floor and one accessed via spiral staircase backstage include stage mirrors, Clothes rails, cupboards, showers, toilet and show relay speakers. Green room can be used as additional dressing room for large casts. 

Restrooms – Disabled toilet and toilets in corridor backstage.

Safety – Fire escape and fire exits.

Lights – Set lighting rig. Assortment of Profile and Fresnel lanterns Par Cans. and 3 Pirouettes. 4 Colour full stage wash available.


Emergency Evacuation Procedure
Seating Plan
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