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Bryn Terfel

I have enjoyed performing on the Memorial Hall stage over the years and it is so important to support the hall’s activities today in order to keep it open and secure it for the young singers of tomorrow. – Bryn Terfel

Earl David Lloyd George of Dwyfor

“It is indeed an honour and a pleasure to be asked to continue as one of the patrons of the Criccieth Memorial Hall and as we are soon (in 6 years’ time) to commemorate the centenary of the laying of the foundation stone by my great-grandfather, it might be fitting to recall his words on this occasion, inscribed and placed with other mementoes below the stone – “These young men died that the Dominion of Right and Reason should be more firmly established in the government of men” “As long as the waves beat against that old rock (pointing to the rock on which Criccieth Castle stands) the memory of what these young men and millions of their comrades from Britain dared and endured for right and justice will live, and until these mountains (overlooking Cardigan Bay) roll into that sea, the inspiration which comes from the example of these young men will be something that will sustain humanity for countless ages in its struggle for higher things” The struggle to preserve world peace and prosperity remains undimmed with the passing years and sadly those in our armed forces continue to make the ultimate sacrifice, often in far-off lands, so that the rest of us might live in a less troubled and conflict-torn world. It is therefore very fitting to recall these words, written soon after the greatest, most cataclysmic conflict that the world had ever seen , came mercifully to an end. The hall survives to continue and strengthen this commemoration by virtue of those who give of their time and effort to bring performers and events to it and I greatly applaud their efforts. – Earl David Lloyd George of Dwyfor

Russell Grant

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