Our Friends provide great support for the Memorial Hall and they also enjoy a special reduction on entry to some of our own events.

One way for you to ensure that events large and small may continue to be held here for the benefit of all local residents and visitors is to become a Friend of the Hall.

Our membership fees are modest and there are three optional levels of support

 Individual Supporter Membership:   £15.00 per annum (Joint membership  £30.00)  

 Individual Sponsor Membership: £50.00 per annum (Joint membership £100.00) 

 Business Membership: £50.00 per annum

Current Supporters

 Ben Rosen
 Christine Reeves
 Jane Buckley
 Irene Cameron
 Margaret Rees
 Bronwen Atenstadt
 Robert Cadwalader
 John & Ruth Snow
 Julie Key
 Valerie Prys Owen
 Julie Kilkelly
 John & Frances Thomas
 Geoffrey Alker
 Pat Williams
 Pam Mclaughlin
 Marian Davies
 Elizabeth George
 Mary Jones
 Jane Berry
 Peter & Pauline Billinge
 Ann Alston
 Michael & Mrs Sj Bull
 Eleri Swift Jones
 Mair Hughes
 Pryderi & Eirwen Jones
 Mavis Jones
 David Ackers
 Eluned Bridger
 Mike & Manya Parker
 Sally Howdle
 Philip Smith
 Margaret Fisher
 Joan Jones
 Janet Parry Williams
 Richard & Jill Gloster
 Elwyn & Alwena Davies
 Zosia Bernad
 Ann Griffiths
 Lawrence Washington
 Steve Sandercombe Burr
 Ifer Gwyn
 Mair Millar
 Stephen & Margaret Rolls
 Mary Collard
 Keith Bell
 Pam Arnold
 Nikki Walker
 David & Sally Livesey
 Peter & Ros Wakeman
 Jennifer Jones
 Moira Douglas
 Megan Jones
 Carol Brown
 Grey & Jane Evans
 Myra Poyser
 Hugh & Elsbeth Gwynne
 Sylvia Parry
 Rosemary Wynne-finch
 Terry & Kath Cain
 Warren & Angela Temple & Pettit-jones
 Phil Egginton
 Doreen Lindsey
 Peter Harlech Jones
 Liz Saville-roberts
 Nicholas & Sarah Ray
 Tim & Cary Irwin
 Gaynor Stringer
 John Waddington
 Charles & Linda Waddington
 Anthony & Marian Bateman
 Carys Althoff Roberts
 Christine Bird
 David & Patricia Stephens
 Alwyn Hughes
 Angela Perry
 Merfyn Jones
 Susan & John Humphries
 Valerie Davies-hughes
 Eirwen Taylor
 Megan Roberts
 Ann Rosamund Pritchard
 Michael Bowen
 Ann Day
 Menna Andrews
 Maureen Edwards - Mynydd Ednyfed
 Susan Owen
 Julie Fisher
 Andy Jones
 Revd Sue Williams
 Leisha Keane
 Daniel Fisher
 Anthony Peter Harvey
 David Hedger
 David And Patricia Stephens
 Linda Humphreys
 Judith Mills
 Nigel Vaughan
 Huw Owen
 Dr Ian Rees
 Mrs Wendy Rees
 Paul And Elizabeth Lacey
 Emily And Meirion Rees
 Mr C Blanchard
 Alfred David Owen
 Mr & Mrs H Rogers
 Mrs A C Bielecki
 Noreen Hunt
 Loraine Nicola Barrett
 Gary Jones
 Bill Andrews
 Prof. Stephen Campbell


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